Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Baaaack . . . :-) (Georgia Vivienne Creations blog, that is)

I am pleased to announce that I have finally launched the website at www.georgiaviv.com.  Of course, it is still a work in process, but products are posted, and I invite you all to come over and browse through the living room and the kitchen.  So far you can find dolls in the living room and some fun products in the kitchen.  It's a fun, eclectic virtual home -- my dream home -- which I aspire to own someday and use as a studio to teach marketable skills to women (and some men, too, LOL).

Some changes have taken place since my last blog post.  I have started sewing primitive/Annie dolls in earnest.  These dolls are not designed to be children's playthings; however, they enjoy a good squeeze every now and then.  I call them my pretty prims.  The prims are constructed from carefully selected recycled fabrics.  I use denim and brightly colored accent fabrics and thread to jazz them up and bring out their personalities.  Their hair is also hand knotted from various types of yarn.  I invite you to come take a look at them at www.georgiaviv.com.  They are hanging out in the living room.  If you click on a doll in the living room, another screen with more information comes up.

Please sign the guest book on the blog page at www.georgiaviv.com and let me know you stopped by.  I hope you have a memorable day!  

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